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infoapps GmbH has been founded in 1982 with a focus on research and development of patent information systems for patent professionals and research specialists. We consider comprehensive global full-text data coverage being as important as the implementation and use of powerful semantic algorithms.

infoPatent - Patent information system
infoapps is a specialist in mass data processing, compilation, and updating. The innovative and family-consolidated Patent Information System infoPatent provides an enrichment of annotated data that can be used for powerful analyses and performance indications.
Highest possible automation of administrative IPR processes is supported: monitoring, procurement, relevance test, classification, circulation, alerting, and evaluation with the goal of superior patent portfolio shaping capability. - Global full text database
For its service, infoapps acquires patent data from 105 issuing sources with more than 96 million records in, performs some re-formatting as well as error correcting and plausibility checks, and makes these higher-quality data available to the customer. Included are full-texts of 32 authorities and their machine translation into English.

Powerful semantic search algorithms, automatic classification features, intelligent distribution, and a streamlined workflow support ensure highest possible efficiency for your IP work, when using our and infoPatent. Competitor, technology, and legal status monitoring are supported in a most powerful fashion. Supplemented by flexible assessment capabilities, you will be empowered to establish your individual patent knowledgebase.

ChemAnalyser - the cutting edge chemical online database
ChemAnalyser is the latest generation of chemical knowledge database, developed for life science, biologics, cosmetics, nutrition, polymers, material science and chemistry. Innovative and unique IT technology provides access to the world’s most comprehensive source of chemistry related information in different languages. The easy-to-use and speed-optimized online platform fulfills the highest standards in data retrieval and data mining. With its novel and innovative, smart and self-learning chemical classification system, and with more than 76 million unique structures and 5 billion mentions of chemical compounds, substances, chemistry and full-text search in patent and non-patent literature, ChemAnalyser is the largest chemical cognitive search resource for patent and R&D specialists in live science worldwide.


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